Transport Staff Management

Transport Staff Management

Track intercity Transport Staff Management App

Make transport management hassle free

UpTeams helps to manage transport business, specifically for outside & on-field sales teams, including field sales and operational office teams. Our user-friendly app provides solutions for lead tracking & management, order management, and all custom form & field as per needs.

It is best and efficient agent tracker, report maker, accounts keeper helping the industry to focus on the transportation business expand only.

UpTeams for Transport

Features Highlights

  • Geo-location based attendance & Leave management
  • Scheduled pick-up & drop management
  • User-friendly real-time tracking for the staff
  • Real-time amount collection details & Order management
  • Expense management with upload supporting bill/picture
  • Purpose-built forms and management
  • Real-time reporting and management

UpTeams for Transport
Transport Field Force Solution Benefits

Transport Field Force Solution Benefits

Benefits that drives you at top speed of business

  • Increased no of deliveries & pick-ups
  • Increased Territory management & planning accuracy
  • Increased span of operations
  • Increased visibility in real-time
  • Decreased overall delay
  • Decreased turn-around time
  • Decreased ratio of missed support & service visits

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