Agro Staff Management

Agro Staff Management

Effective Agro Firm Staff Management

Make easy to manage agro business within one click

UpTeams offers a unique solution to the agro companies, offering them sales tracking & management software with the scheduled time, agro agency order management, location guidance, and leads management solutions.

Order and payment managements, sales visits & meetings of the agro agency are updated in the platform in real-time, thus assisting in better management with your sales and in-house office staff. Automate & manage the entire operations to enjoy seamless agro-business, with increased cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

UpTeams for Agro industries

Make your returns automated and cost efficient

  • Geo-location based attendance & Leave management
  • Scheduled visits & sales management
  • Leads managements & dashboards
  • Real-time order and payment management
  • Expense management with upload supporting bill/picture
  • Custom forms & field and management
  • Real-time reporting and management

UpTeams for Agro industries
Agro Firm Field Force Solution Benefits

Agro Firm Field Force Solution Benefits

Benefits that drives you at top

  • Increased no of agro products orders
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased Territory management & planning accuracy
  • Increased span of operations
  • Increased visibility in real-time
  • Decreased overall delay
  • Decreased turn-around time
  • Decreased ratio of missed sales meetings & order

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