UpTeams consists of an intuitive and user friendly mobile app along with a powerful web-based dashboard that can help sales force tracking, monitoring and reporting system.

UpTeams helps the your business stay completely on top of your teams by letting them track every field activity like location of the sales team, scheduled & completed visits, meeting outcomes, and the ability to interact with sales team. Mobile app allows your field staff to perform their routine administrative tasks from field locations like submitting visit reports & expense reimbursement claims, scheduling field visits and follow-up tasks, even punch in and punch out of their attendance system, and check in and check out of their scheduled visits.

Yes, You can get free trial of 7 days.

NO! UpTeams DOES NOT HAVE ANY ACCESS to any of the personal/business contacts or any personal data/files/photographs/videos/ of any of its users.

UpTeams mobile app runs on Android & iOS smartphone. For back office & Admin operations, UpTeams comes with a powerful web-based dashboard.

Yes, the manager from his web dashboard can assign prior visits for the on-field personnel. Once assigned the on-field person immediately gets notification on his mobile.

Even if your employee is at some location where Internet is not available the tracking process will not get hampered. Once he came Online you will get all the data.



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